New Information!

Here’s some stuff I’ve been doing recently–some for fun, some serious:

New Storyline Created for Middle-Schoolers.

I just finished a personalized story created especially for the 13-15 year old age group and am excited at the potential it creates. A fantasy with a bit of a moral twist, your pre-teen might find this a good read.  It takes them through the highly possible situation of a friendship tiff and the moral solution.

One Day In May

Apparently, this theme was done in 2003, internationally.  A specific day was chosen, then from the time each photographer (whether amateur or professional) arose, they took one picture every hour until they went to sleep and finally posted them online.

It was repeated on May 10, 2009 — I am not sure who has participated this year, but I chose to try it for the first time.  Below, you’ll find my One Day in May, 2009.  Some photos were taken in situations where I could not use flash or the effect would have been lost…so I  manipulated them to create black and white images, which then enhanced the images.  I also found myself sidetracked and missed a few “hours”…


Too early to get up!   IMG_0042.JPG Daily routine of meds...        IMG_0723.JPG Last things to put on after getting dressed!    IMG_0043.JPG

5:42:55 am             6:02:50 am                6:32:36 am

Too early to get up!  Morning meds… Last to go on in AM

Feed me!          IMGP0427.PEF

7:38:14 am

Feed me!

worship at church      IMG_0725.JPG still in worship service -- close friends & their son & his girl friend         helping in Sunday school 1st graders          IMGP0428.PEF

7:58:32 am             8:34:21 am         11:19:29 am

(L) worship at church;  (Ctr)still in worship service — close friends & their son & his girl friend;  (R) helping in Sunday school 1st graders
driving home         IMGP0429.PEF
12:21:39 pm

driving home
easterly view on Sunday at home       IMGP0431.PEF relaxing in living room: a view        IMGP0433.PEF being chauffered to Mother's Day dinner        IMGP0435.PEF

1:06:02 pm          3:17:26 pm                    4:01:39 pm

easterly view      relaxing in living        being chauffered to      at home            room: a view          Mother’s Day dinner

We're early, so wandering in plaza before dinner        IMGP0436.PEF

4:33:00 pm

We’re early, so wandering in plaza before dinner

Flying Fish decoration         IMGP0438.PEF on our way out the door -- lovely dinner          IMGP0441.PEF

5:27:32 pm                                6:36:21 pm

Flying Fish Restaurant         on our way out the door                decoration                               –lovely dinner

I forgot to shot two hours -- this is the last thing I saw before lights out: "n

9:31:42 pm

“nobody’s perfect”

…and the end of this experiment.