I am taking a creative writing class to improve my writing skills — a neverending task — to keep from becoming stagnant.  The course would cover poetry (which I never really enjoyed or wanted to do, even in high school), fiction (I can hardly wait!!) and non-fiction (oh, dear…memoirs, etc).

LOL…so, I must endure the poetry section of the creative writing class before they get to the fiction writing — so you get to share in my misery.  My first full-fledged homework assignment was to write 3-5 original poems & one had to be formal (that’s to say, had to follow the dictates of the style I chose) — the rest could be free-writing.  So, here they are.  Enjoy (or endure):

(Haiku Poem — my chosen formal poem, must have 3 lines, 5 syllables, then 7 syllables, then 5 again.)

Waterfall (hmmm…usually no title in Haiku!)

Thundering, misting

Tumbling down over rocks

Into bab’ling brook.

(Free-style Poem)


Four years, sometimes fleeting–sometimes agonizingly slow

Lonely nights, days without

Learning to live alone.

Trying to find a new identity

Doing this and that

Dismal failures, jubilant successes.

Faith, family and friends: my security net

Keep me alive and thriving

Looking ahead, not behind.

The anniversary comes, less pain now

Everyone mourns The Towers

I chose to celebrate Life

I’m free

At last.

Cinquain (another formal poem style, 5 lines, syllables: 2,4,6,8,2…more rules, but I don’t think I got that part right, so I won’t bore you with them ^,^)



Falling softly,

Golden leaves cascade down.

Crimson, crinkled, t’is the season.

Piled high.

I did one more but it is monster-long, so I won’t bore you (and I really messed it up, even though it’s free form!)

Have fun reading.