Now I’m in the Groove!

Aaah!  Finally.  Poetry unit done, now on to fiction.  You get to see my assignments as I do them (boring, I know, but I am so excited — just gotta share them)!

writings by debra smith

(assignment: no more than 300 words, describe something that evokes specific emotions/feels w/o using the word & no people in it)–I was enjoying myself too much…over-achiever…did two of ’em:


Wind sweeping up from below, catching hold of anything in its path, strikes relentlessly against the few tattered bits of vegetation that manage to grab hold and survive here.  The sun is cloaked in a fog that wraps its icy fingers around and seeps into every crevice, leaving only ghostly shapes to haunt the memory.

A singular silhouette of a tree, bent over backward, shudders against the ever-present wind, protesting in silence.  Tenacious droplets of water harvested from the fog hiding in the craggy bark of its branches, enabling wisps of lacy, pale green lichen and patches of bright orange fungi to struggle for their very existence.  Exposed roots of this solitary tree cling desperately to the imposing cliff.

The jagged prominence stands as a lone sentinel, laid out in front of the oncoming barrage of waves and wind, bracing itself against the inevitable wasting.  Pebbles and boulders alike tumble to their final resting place, mounding up beneath the churning waves to create their own gravestone.

Nothing save the moaning of the wind through hollows and branches and the bombardment of crashing waves, not one sound — not even a single bird calling out in distress, fighting against the wind to find sanctuary — can be found in this place as the storm approaches.

(word count:  213)


Where once stood tranquil orchards and fields set upon rich, soft brown earth, now, well, now everything is larger than life; buildings of all sorts towering over and surrounding everything like giants.  Some were dark and sinister; others like mirrors, reflecting nearly everything that touched them, especially the beautiful blue, cloudless sky.  The sun glinted on others, almost blinding observers.  Even in the glaring light, the neon signs vied for the viewers attention.  “Come Here!”  “See Me!”

All around, rushing to unknown destinations, there is pushing and shoving without a thought to the comfort or discomfort of those around them.  Cares everywhere:  revving engines, honking horns, screeching tires and some drivers yelling above the din to protest some unseen calamity.  The heat from the pavement and sidewalk is so stifling that any plantings that usually survive were wilted beyond recognition.  Feet danced from the heat soaked up through the soles of shoes.  Standing in one place could result in blistered feet — or a trampled body.

All of this made navigation through the throng of souls daunting.  Finally, through this wave of bodies, a portal opens, allowing one to escape to a calmer, quieter, alternate world within one of the massive buildings.

(word count:  201)

Now, the assignment I get to work on tonight is to take my description (s) above and weave a person into it (them).  I read #1 to the class, so that’s where I will start…but I will do it with both of them.  My #2 description actually had a person in it, but the rule was no people, so I had to pull her out & adjusted the description.  Now, I’ll put her back in, but may not change the description back to the original…it turned out too cool to do that ^,^  I have till Tuesday to get this right.  I am loving it.

Hope you are enjoying my writings.