Landed…and off and running!


After a very long, cramped flight, I arrived in Dublin this morning at 8am.  Dublin was experiencing a wee bit of precipitation.  Nothing major, but everything was wet, wet, wet.  I met up with Jan & Jim (two attendees of the tour I’ll be taking), grabbed a quick bite at the airport’s Meeting Place and took the shuttle to their hotel. They dropped their luggage (too early to check in) and then we took a taxi to my hostel, where I dropped my stuff.  The taxi was only 16 Euro — Jim chipped in a tenner and I ended up giving a monster tip by throwing another tenner in.  (those extravagant Americans!)

Pre-trip, we talked about going to the National Leprechaun Museum on that first day — and once there, decided to walk from the hostel to the museum–about a half hour walk…in the rain.  They had coats to protect themselves.  I forgot to grab my umbrella and didn’t want to get my sweater wet, but there wasn’t enough to be bothersome.  I did get damp, but after about a half hour out of the rain, I was dry and ready to get wet again.

The tour was fun, the storytelling entertaining — but, sitting and standing in the darkened rooms made my jet lag loom larger than life. As we walked back to O’Connell Street to catch a taxi (for my friends), it hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks.  And all the sitting in the plane was beginning to effect my bad knee–pain with each step. I was so tempted to hop in the car with them & ask to be dropped at my hostel. But, I persevered and after they left in the taxi, I continued up about one block and bought a 2-day pass for the Dublin City Hop On-Hop Off Bus Tour. This is an excellent deal & a great way to get an overview of the city…and a sneaky way of getting around without exhausting yourself (or on a day like today, keeping dryer!)…and allowing my knee to recover slightly.

And where did I choose to sit? On the upper level, at the back edge of the covered area, so I did get wet (just my back and head–when we are stopped LOL), but I didn’t mind.

Out tour guide is hilarious–hope to get him tomorrow too! Or maybe I’m just slap-happy. But it’s keeping me entertained — and awake.  Nope, it’s him — other people are laughing and commenting on his commentary.

I waited for one of the last stops — the Jameson Distillery. I am not directly related to them, but I AM a Jameson, so anytime I’m in Dublin, it is on my list of things to do. But, no — I did not imbibe!  In March, I did try to sign up for their Ceilidh/dinner during the tie frame I’d be in town, but it was already booked!  So, I simply went there for their melt-in-the-mouth, awesome chocolate bars.  It costs a fortune to have them shipped, so I figure — I’m here…buy some!  Once that errand was done, I got back on the bus & took it to the first stop on O’Connell Street (Dublin’s “Main Street”.  From there, I walked…very slowly, back to the hostel, wishing a taxi would materialize so I could justify flagging it down and catching a ride.  All uphill, about ten blocks…

Right now, even after an hour cat-nap, my jet lag is starting making my eyes very hot and tired — and my focus is just a wee bit blurry.  If I continue, I’m not responsible for the gibberish that will result!

So, my friends, I will close for now.  Tomorrow is a new day — and hopefully my body will be well rested and I can comfortably get back into Downtown Dublin and check out some areas I haven’t ventured into in previous visits.  Tomorrow, I will remember my good camera — only thing on me was my iPhone and only got a few shots…and I left the cable in my room, so not able to upload any right now.  I’m wondering if I forgot to put a card reader in my collection of electronics, too!  Posting photos may have to wait till I get home!  We’ll see.


2 thoughts on “Landed…and off and running!

  1. Hi, Linda! Thanks for following my blog! I will soon be posting photos on the Flickr link…soon! ^,^

    Not sure what the itinerary is for this tour, but no where near Dublin (only Galway, Connemara areas). My time in Dublin is quite limited, so no day trips anywhere…just walkabouts and Dublin’s local hop-on, hop-off tour bus. I’ve already left downtown & am hunkered down at the Brewley’s Airport Hotel, biding my time till tomorrow am, when I need to make my way to the airport to meet up with the tour. The tour lasts till the 9th, when everyone will be hopping on planes — I will spend the day in Dublin again, then leave on the 10th.

    ^,^ Perhaps one day, we can do a trip together? If I have my way, I’m going to try to finance a trip every year — but depends on the economy…if it takes another dump, then it may be a couple of years….


  2. hi Debra.. once again i’m jealous of your travels to the UK.. if you haven’t been to the Malahide Castle, nr Dublin it’s truly beautiful and there’s a wonderful model railway (“Irelands biggest o’guage working model railway”).. are you staying in the Dublin area?.. for how long?.. or are you traversing Ireland in all it’s glory?.. have a delightful time!

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