Photography VS Writing — and NaNoWriMo

HA!  TWO BLOGS IN ONE DAY!  That’s a first.  Can you tell I don’t want to do any house/yard chores?

My photography has taken a back seat to my writing.  And my writing has taken a back seat to simple, every-day living (aka: chores).  And I guess I should add that my chores have just taken a back seat, period.  At least, for today.

About the only thing I’ve done photographically speaking is to snap shots with my smart phone (nice in its tiny format, but forget about blowing it up to any size other than the original) and my point-n-shoot (much better, but the phone always seems more handy).  No serious, day-long trudges to the hills or shoreline to suck up some much needed out-door time and one-on-one with nature.  The 365 (as in, year-long!) photo journal on Flickr languishes…untouched since mid-June.   Even all of my other art projects are on the back burner.  Waiting for time, re-organizing, behind closed doors.

As for my writing, the most I’ve done is to tinker with my blog.  The result has been a few good posts over the last week.   I’ve occasionally tried to figure out how to insert a photo into the blog — unsuccessful…I’ll keep trying.

All of the tools that I have to create amazing things, both physical and mental, sit there unused.  It makes me sad.

There are times I want to go screaming through the “house”, flinging open every single “door” splitting myself into however many pieces needed so that I can dive into each one of those favourite things — for a very long, long time.  They are such an integral  part of me and I have not allowed myself the pleasure of being fully me for what seems like forever, because of the drudgery  called every-day life.  Being a ‘slave’ to my house and yard, with so many tasks that need to be done (and I am an excellent Procrastinator–hmmm…think we’ve talked about that–this blog has allowed me that).  To be a ‘slave’ to my physically deteriorating body (some natural, some caused by overdoing), with all of the aches and pains that go with it means that it takes longer to accomplish all those mundane tasks.

There is a story in me — no, let me correct myself .  There is a plethora of stories in me, pushing and shoving behind another closed door, waiting to burst forth.  On November first–the first day of NaNoWriMo, I plan on throwing open that particular door to allow the ideas to leap out, dancing around, waiting for me to noticed.  Teasing me, wanting me to snatch them out of the air, frame them into sentences, paragraphs and chapters, to finally create a completed story — or series of stories that will be bound into book(s) — sorry…I am a tactile reader…I do read on-line material, but for me, it’s so important to hold that book.  To physically turn those pages.  Into book form for (hopefully) my readers.  There will most likely be an e-reader form for those of you so inclined, but I want to see the words popping out from a bound book.

That is what November holds for me.

But until then, I continue to putter here, there and try to force myself to get my boring chores done.

And look what I was finally able to do!  A photo inserted into my blog!  That makes me happy!

National Novel Writing Month

Pencils and mind sharpened, computer charged…ready to go, with only eleven days to go!