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WELL, I DECIDED — AGAINST MY BETTER JUDGEMENT — to post a tidbit of my first draft of my novel.  Please, please.  I must remind you:  my internal editor was turned off for this so that I could produce the volume of words, not the quality (in any way, shape or form).  This is extremely rough, but it will give you an inkling of what kind of story I am trying to write…but please remember, this IS my work, please do not copy in any form, fully or in part without my written consent.


Two excerpts from Beyond the Shimmer (working title):

…Mrs. G’s warm laugh filled the air, putting Amy at ease.  She had decided tonight that Mrs. G’s gift must be that beautiful laugh.  Turmoil and frustration seemed to melt away when she spoke — and especially when she laughed.

“Dear Amy.”  Her words seemed to wrap around her like a warm comforter.  “He is not here to answer all of our questions.  Life goes on and we must learn how to deal with it, especially with our new found gifts.  It was hard for the four of us when we were young — just like you.  We wanted the Guardian to answer all of our questions.  To smooth the way.  To make all wrongs in the world right.  That is not his job.  He is there as our — and your — counselor, our guide, so to speak.”

It all made so much sense when Mrs. G said it.  But her head was beginning to spin.  And her headache came back with a vengeance.  Her hands went to her head and she moaned.  She wondered, why now?

Ty bristled, as did Ms T and Mr G.

Something is going on, thought Ms T.

Ty nodded, but what?

Noticing that his father had also reacted, he wondered aloud, “Father, what is it you feel?”

“Like you, Ty, sometimes it is hard to discern — yes, I too have that gift and have yet to master it completely.  This is something new.”  He turned to their teacher and posed a question, “Do you hear anything from the Portal or the Guardian?”
“I’m not sure.  It is so strange.  Like something beckoning.  But it doesn’t feel right.”

Ty nodded in agreement.  “Now would be a good time for Rocky to talk to — “

In her pain, Amy was the first to hear Rocky.  He was calming her and she was surprised to see Ty at her side, hand on her shoulder, just as he had that first time.  And, again, he had that far off look.  She accepted it, closed her eyes and relaxed in the chair.  The tingling spread up into her head and down her arm to her throbbing wrist.  Slowly, the pain subsided.

The adults looked on in amazement.


…Before she could respond, he added, you will have to wait.  Take this time to be observant.  What do you see?

The mountain above us, the valley below.  The beautiful colors…

Is that all?

Well, no, from the corner of my eye — it’s frustrating.  I can’t see it straight on, but there is something absolutely magnificent out there that I just can’t seem to hold in my sight.  I saw it in my dream while we were sleeping, but I can’t really remember it.  It’s weird.

It is always just out of our reach, Amy.  We can endeavor to do what we can to “catch it”, to pursue it wholeheartedly.

Is it something we can hold onto?  To actually see, straight on?

In our minds, and our hearts, while we are in this world — or even when you are in yours.  But, no, not with our eyes.  Not now.

Amy was formulating a response to that when she let out a scream.  Her hands flew to her head, trying to stop the pain she felt.  The thoughts and feelings pouring into her head were beyond belief.  The pain, anguish, fear — it all flooded at once, like an unstoppable breech of a dam, into her head.

She could feel Rocky trying to quell this onslaught of emotions that hit her.  She could feel Ty grabbing her, holding her tightly to her, trying to sooth her.

She sobbed uncontrollably.  No, no!  Noooo, she moaned.  What is happening?

Shhhh, whispered Ty as he stroked her throbbing head.  She buried her head into his chest and continued sobbing.

Why?  Why?

It will be alright.  Breathe, Amy, breathe.  Slow it down.  It will help.  His hands shook as she sobbed.  Not from her crying, though.  He saw and felt what had happened.  They were so connected, it was unbelievable.  Please try to relax.  Relax, he kept repeating it under his breath, trying to get some semblance of calm restored.

Rocky– he began.

Yes, I know.  We must leave.  Immediately.  We will take a short cut.  I will have to shield you completely.

Fine.  Just do it.

The ledge around them grew rapidly to enclose them completely.  The only light was a slightest bit of a shimmer emanating from the dome surrounding them.  Enough light for Ty to make out Amy’s sobbing shadow, resting against his chest.

He continued to hold her, to soothe her as they journeyed home.  Bit by bit, she calmed.  Her body shuddered occasionally as she rested, held tightly, comforted by her friend.  Her breath evened out, and with one final long, deep shudder of a sigh, she moved slightly, pushing herself gently away from her friend.

“The pain is gone”, she said with a weak, shaky voice.  “Oh…” she didn’t dare finish the thought.

Ty asked how she felt.  She rolled her eyes and moaned, “like I’ve been pulled through a key hole?  Tied in a knot?   Beat — “

I’ve got the picture.  I mean, are you feeling better?  Well enough to talk?

Amy pushed herself up against the wall, looking around at the faint shimmer that surrounded them.  She was glad for this low light.  But she also could feel the calming effect  it had on her.  It washed over her, filling her with a sense of peace.

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  1. Brave — posting a draft 🙂 Definitely wondering what’s happening before/after each excerpt.

  2. Thank you, William! I appreciate the comments. Oh, you don’t know how rough it is! This was written during NaNoWriMo, where we are asked by our ML to “turn off” our internal editor. I did. Boy, did I!

  3. A bit rough, but as you say, it’s a first draft. That’s what polishing is for. You’ve got potential here!

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