One Down, One To Go…

LOOKING BACK, I HAVE TO LAUGH AT MY POST from Facebook, added when I returned home after my first-ever art exhibition at the Del Mesa Carmel Gallery.  It is mostly tongue-in-cheek comments.

“Things I learned tonight:
1) Don’t wear heels, you idiot!
2) Don’t bring a snack (and *tray*) requiring a fork lift to carry from the car to event — (especially while in heels!) even if it looks really spiffy & you get a ton of compliments in your presentation.
3) If you’re going to go to the trouble of searching for and bringing business cards…use ’em!!
4) You’re no longer a high school wallflower — get off the wall and mingle.
5) Eat before coming, even if you know food will be present … you seldom eat much at these kinds of things and the wine hits you…right?!
6) Don’t be embarrassed to excuse your self to find a chair — any chair — to sit in if needed.
7) Don’t wear a ring on your right hand…you’ll regret it after shaking hands all evening.
Tonight was a definite learning experience. Met some interesting people. Saw some awesome artwork by fellow artists. Glad it was relatively low key for the first event. I’ll definitely know better for next week…”

That really says it all, but I’d like to emphasize the fun I had, despite the aching feet.  Mingling with such wonderful artists was a delight.  Seeing people spend time in front of my art was encouraging, too.

I didn’t have much time to revel in the afterglow of the evening, since the next day I dropped right into working on the next one, which, by the way, happens this weekend — beginning Friday.

This one is special.  Very special.  It’s not just a show-up-and-look-nice event. I am fully vested in this venture.  It is the venue I will use to create, available to me 24/7, whenever my painterly side kicks in and to chill in while editing my upcoming novel.   More than a handful of us have been working to make this an awesome place to work.  Painting, building, tidying; creating a garden area (my niche) from a weedy patch to one filled with colour…the building has become a beautiful place to inspire creations.  A home away from home, filled with amazing works of art — both 2-D and book art, some textiles and miscellaneous other things — makes this place a wonderful spot to call home, where I can play.

For those of you that are locals, please feel free to pop in on Saturday, 25 May, anytime between noon and 6pm to meet and greet the artists, see live demonstrations, and graze on nibbles available for all attendees.  Come to Open Ground Studios for their Grand Opening at 1230 Fremont Blvd, Seaside CA — the old home of Alternative Café.


DAYS AROUND HERE CAN BE SO FICKLE.  Some start off with a bang.  Wake up and the promises of sunshine and great productivity flash all around.  Energy abounds.

Other days begin with the dense fog not only hanging heavily in the sky, but in my brain, leaving me to wonder just where the day will take me.

These last few days — well, almost a week now — have been quite a mix of these sorts of beginnings.  One day, I’ll wake to sun streaming through the kitchen window, promising a beautiful day, and once the coffee kicked in, indeed, it is a magnificent, productive day.  Temperatures soar, as do my energy levels.  I love days like that, but they can be exhausting.

The next few days had me starting slow, with grey skies and chilly weather.  I felt like bundling up as we head to the middle of May.  Guess I’ll never get my ‘cold weather clothes’ put away.  I have to chuckle about that.  With the cooler weather, it takes a bit longer to get the joints moving, even with coffee.  I’m figuring that God knows when I need to slow down, and since I’m not likely to heed the obvious signs — especially if I have something that must be done, He helps out, causing me to put the brakes on, thankfully!  But, I think I wish I would just remember to take days slower, rather than deal with the physical reminders laid before me.

Then, the weather bounces, from one day to the next, from delightful and balmy, to gloomy and cold weather, then back again.  Winds pick up, die down, only to resume once again.  One never knows what to expect from day to day.  And, it depends on where I am, also.  If I’m home (inland) and it’s gorgeous, that does not necessarily mean I’ll encounter the same weather on the peninsula…and vise versa.  But, then again, it could be the same weather in both places.  Makes me shake my head.

Dress for warm and bring layers to stay warm in Spring, Summer and Fall (and dress for cold and bring added layers for Winter).  That’s my mantra.

With my Writerly side busting to get back to work and my Painterly side — oh…and then there’s the Administrative side (having to deal with both of the other two…poor thing!).  Hmmm.  I thought I only had two sides.  Well, that makes me more than multi-dimensional, yes?  I’m giggling.  Rambling, too.  I am so sorry.

As I was saying, my Writerly side wants to get back to work, but until the two exhibits are over and done, it’s pouting in the corner, poking and prodding at me now and then.  The bruises are beginning to hurt.  Writing my blog does not satisfy it at all any more.  Though, I always will enjoy writing these posts, the writer in me wants to bring my manuscript to a conclusion…wrap it up (aka–finish editing!), get it published — so I may start on a new writing venture I’ve had bouncing around in my brain, trying to find a way to escape before I’m ready for it.  And, for that matter, so do I.  I had set aside April and May to do just that.

I am so excited about these two art exhibits of my fledgling work.  Definitely an ego booster, but also an extremely energy-sucking side-tracker.  I can only do one thing at a time.  So much for multi-tasking.  I used to be so good at it.  No more, I fear…

So, until 26th May, I will continue my juggling act with the Writerly and Painterly sides.  Sunday will be a day of rest, then onward, hanging up my Painterly cap and donning my Writerly cap to completing my manuscript.  My blog posts may be few and far between until it’s done, but at least you’ll know I’m working hard to reach my goal.

May your last days of May hold much hope and blossom into a beautiful June.

“When It Rains…”

WHEN IT RAINS, IT POURS.  USUALLY, THAT has negative implications.  But for me, it’s excellent news.  May, not June, is busting out all over — for me, at least.  I’m grinning from ear to ear…and my friends are having a hard time containing my enthusiasm (oh, dear…sorry).

As a budding artist, I am excited that I now have not one, but two exhibitions for my work.  It was a challenge to find enough prints to cover both, since I really hadn’t been working towards anything like this.  And it has me eager to get into the studio to work the painterly side of me once more.  The writerly side has domineered for the last few months as I try to get my manuscript ready for publishing…and will continue to do so for at least one more month.  The 30th June is my targeted deadline to have it edited.  We’ll see how optimistic that is, as the time approaches.

On Friday, 17th May, my artwork will be exhibited, along with fellow students work, in tandem with our Equinox Press Studios teacher, Evelyn Klein’s beautiful artwork at Del Mesa Carmel Gallery from 5-7pm.

THEN JUST A WEEK LATER, more of my artwork will be displayed at Open Ground Studios, 1230 Fremont Blvd in Seaside (in the block north of the Hilby/Fremont intersection) at their Grand Opening, on Saturday, 25th May from noon to 6pm.

Please share this with friends.  Spread the word.  All of the artists will appreciate any exposure you are able to provide.  I’m hoping to see many of my friends come by — I thank you in advance for passing this along to your friends.

See you soon.

Art Exhibition

THEY SAY IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS…how true.  As I plan for this first exhibition of my artwork, I am humbled, overwhelmed, excited…

There is so much to do — and yet, I’m managing to blog?  There is a method to my madness.  I’m not trying to parade my art in front of everyone as much as I’m trying to sell the opening of a wonderful facility, available to our community.  Yes, I’m proud of my work–and getting prouder by the minute.  I’m amazed that fellow artists are liking it.  Artists that, someday, I want to be like — when I grow up…

These creative, more experienced artists are making me look at my artwork through the eyes of other people, rather than through the critical beginner’s-eye of their creator (me).  Denese, the founder of Open Ground Studios, has a saying — well actually, it’s the tagline for the business, that goes something like this:  “…where everyone makes an impression” and it is so true.  No matter your skill level, that you are able to create, makes an impression and it’s the beginning of a long journey of self-improvement.

Open Ground Studios is a gallery; it is an art school; it is a place for artists to come and work on their art, whether it is two-dimensional printmaking, watercolor and oil painting, sketching, or book art (taking paper, thread, fabric and literally weaving it into something to hold), writing (word weaving), and textiles.  OGS is a place to create.  To grow.  To stretch your wings and learn a new craft or hone an old one.

Workshops to master new skills or to enliven old ones, presented by knowledgeable artisans from the Monterey Peninsula and beyond are making their way onto the OGS Calendar, even as I write this.  The first of these is a workshop for teens: A Floor Mural Painting Workshop for Teens on 11 May, 2013 at 10am.

The rotating art exhibits, to be held throughout the year for your enjoyment, begins with a bang with the Grand Opening and Exhibition on 25 May, 2013 from noon to 6pm.  The public is invited to come and partake in munchables as they peruse the artwork, speak with the artists, tour the facility and learn skills from live demonstrations.  The ‘soft’ opening for the exhibition will actually begin on 20 May and run through 20 June, 2013.

I am proud to be connected with Open Ground Studios — though a fledgling business, with it’s spirit of community, it is destined to be a permanent fixture on the Monterey Peninsula.

I’ll be at Open Ground Studios’ Grand Opening on Saturday, 25 May, will you?