FUNNY HOW, WHEN YOU THREATEN your hair with a drastic cut, it suddenly starts to mind…this happens nearly every time I decide to play with my hairstyle.  The usual reason for a change is due weather, difficulty in managing the existing style — or just plain ol’ because.

I’ve had all sorts of cuts.  Short, long, some in between, permed, coloured (only once — way too high maintenance for my liking).
This last time around, my goal was to see just how long I could grow it.  That simple…no other reason.  I started short, with bangs and a perm.  It grew, and grew, with only occasional “prunings” to keep it looking nice.  Slowly, most of the perm disappeared.  All that’s left now is a curl on the last two or so inches.  I seemed to have found the ‘terminal length’–about six inches shorter than when I was in my late 20s.  It’s been over two years now. It’s not going to grow any longer.  I find that interesting…apparently, getting older means less ‘grow power’–at least for me.

I’ve enjoined the long tresses, playing with variations — all up, down, pulled back…both partially and completely.  But, my shoulders have not appreciated all the time spent brushing out tangles & playing.  I’ve been frustrated with the all-day drying (nope, not much for hair dryers & that’d be even more raised arms…shoulders would just love that) and I’ve found it up in top of my head more and more lately.  Not a style I like very much.  Easy, but…eh.

So, it is time for a change.  And the timing is good, indeed.  I need an author’s photo for my book jacket.  What better than a fresh new cut to help liven the page (insert large grin), right?

As I said earlier, my hair decided to behave extra nice, trying to sway my decision.  It worked for about two days.  It left me wondering if I should leave it as is.  But, no — my resolve steeled, I held fast to my plan — I am ready for the change.  Tomorrow is the day.

It helps that I have an incredibly intuitive hairdresser that I’ve known since before the dawn of time.  I have no qualms about going in and announcing “Barbara, chop it all off!”  She knows me, she knows my needs, and most importantly, she knows all the quirks of my hair, cowlicks and all.  I trust her implicitly.  I’ve had hairdressers in the past that have cringed, asking, “Are you sure?”  I know what I want…don’t mess with my mind!  I’ve already dealt with my hair messing with my mind — I do not need a hairdresser doing the same.  And if it doesn’t work out the way I plan, then, I’m glad my hair grows like the proverbial weed.  I’m pretty easy that way.

So tomorrow, a new style will emerge, preparing me for my new journey in life as an author.

Then, I set up the appointment for my photo shoot.

I’m getting excited.

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