Secrets Beyond Scymaria…coming soon

WELL, FINALLY.  HOPEFULLY BY NEXT Thursday, I will have a really date for the release of my book…and maybe I’ll know when my author’s page will be up and running.

Today, after a few hiccups, I sent in the final authorization for both the interior and cover galleys.  Immediately, I wanted to run screaming from Open Ground Studios (I was there finalizing work on one last piece for the exhibition happening tomorrow…last minute–yup…I know) to announce to the world it is coming.  It is finally happening.  That I will be a published author — very soon. But I knew if I did, they’d pull up a padded wagon and take me away, so I stuffed the overenthusiastic energy.  Instead, Denese (OGS owner) and I did a quiet little celebration with a Klondike bar. Then, I went about the rest of the day with a stupid grin on my face, driving too fast (but I did catch myself and slow down — repeatedly…), zooming from one errand to another listening to KLOVE, cranked up very loud, singing at the top of my lungs — until I finally made it home…and collapsed.

It’s been a fun, challenging, crazy, pull-out-the-hair kind of roller coaster ride through it all — and I’m not really done.  Nope.  Not yet.  I still have to wait on pins and needles as I handle the promotional portion (authorizing new releases, etc), wait on the heads up that my author’s page is up and running (and then I will undoubtedly need to personalize it), and again, wait for the books, bookmarks and other promo material to arrive.  But it is finally coming together — very quickly.

I do have two places lined up for readings and book signings (no dates set till I have a release date, of course), plus I need to talk with two or three local libraries about author readings.  I have decided that any library where I do a reading will definitely be receiving copies of the paperback — and maybe hardbound copies.

I am blessed, for sure.  I could not have done this all without my loving & forgiving family and friends, dedicated beta readers, a supportive publisher and an awesome cover artist!  Thank you, thank you!

And, most importantly: God’s fingerprints are all over this project!  Every single page…every single word!  Thank you, Lord!


Secrets Beyond Scymaria

IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME IN COMING BUT FINALLY the artwork for the cover is done.  I have done a partial reveal on Facebook, but I know there are some of you that do not go onto the social networks, so this is for you:

Secrets Beyond Scymaria cover artwork

Finally, the cover artwork for my book, Secrets Beyond Scymaria. The beautiful artwork was created by a very talented local artist, Michele Luccketta (promo “ink blot” is my doing).

As I get closer to the projected release date, I will ‘reveal all’ so you can see the whole cover.  This is a teaser.  How do you like it?

I am excited to say that I just approved the publisher’s cover galleys and will soon receive  some of the marketing (press release) information for verification and the galleys for the interior text (font, page set up including indentations, where the chapters will appear…little things like that).  It seems that my author’s page at Xlibris will be available soon, also.  I’ll give you the link for that as soon as it is available (after I’ve had a chance to make sure it appears just the way I want it to look).

It is hard to get anything else done — every time I make plans to do something, a phone call or email comes in requiring my immediate attention.  Frustrating — I want to go play with my camera, plus I have an exhibition coming up very, very soon with it’s own deadlines, but I am also excited.  It is finally coming together — almost too quickly.

But, if I want to keep my promise of an October release, it needs to happen this way.  It’s all very exciting…and exhausting.

Hopefully, your days ahead are not quite so crazy as mine.  May your days be blessed with peace.

Something Scary…

JUST THOUGHT I’D LET YOU KNOW — I just did something very scary today…I sent my manuscript in, with a stamp of approval to move forward to the next step.  You would not believe how long I hesitated before pressing the send key.  Once I did it, I knew there would be no turning back. No more chances to make anymore changes.  It’s so easy to keep editing, but to finally say it is what I want — well, that’s just plain scary.  I am now out of editing and heading into the formatting and layout stage.

Hopefully this will be short and sweet.  I have been looking at some of their templates and, with the counsel of a dear friend, I thankfully know pretty much what I want. You’d be surprised at what is involved in this stage.  It is where I chose the font style and size, how far down the page each chapter begins, whether the first line is indented…whether that first letter is normal sized or larger…fancy or plain…(the list goes on…and on).  And, this is where I find out exactly how many pages my actual book will contain.  Up until now, we’ve been bouncing back and forth with the edits in a printed format of about 7″ wide by about 10″ long (if I recall correctly).  The outside of the actual book will be 6×9″, so the printed page will be much smaller.  I am hoping for about 110 or so pages…I want it to be a relatively fast read.  The other books in the series will be a bit longer.  I’ll just have to wait and see, though…

Patience…hard to come by right now.

While I wait to I hear from them, I am going to let the writerly side rest.  Tomorrow I let the painterly side out to play.  I have an exhibition coming up at Open Ground Studios (30 October — no pressure there, right?) and want to get my hands into some ink and create something new.  This will relieve some of the stress that’s been building up and allow my mind to wander whilst I wait.

I’m happy.

Every Thursday

IT’S  A FUNNY THING — ROUTINES.  Sometimes they are considered ruts, something to strive to break.  Many times, they are ‘comfort zones’ — places one can feel safe.  There was a time when my life was filled to overflowing with routines — some mundane, some cherished.  Things I did, day in and day out, many without thinking. Things I did for my husband, for my daughter, for our critters, even for myself.  With his death, and my daughter beginning her new journey as a wife and student, my life has become less complex; fewer routines.  I would love to say more simplified, but that would not be true.  I love to complicate my life with so many endeavors…their departures have simply opened the door to other things: my writing, art, photography, friends, travel…the list goes on.

I have come to the conclusion these routines are not just for us two-legged creatures, either.

On this dreary, drippy morning, I looked out into the wet front yard and smiled.  I immediately realized it was Thursday.  Not that I didn’t already know the date, but, Thursday is the day our neighbor’s housekeeper shows up to clean.

I could see that Kaeli was sitting at the fence line, her tail wagging vigorously, waiting patiently as Kathy gathered up all her supplies.  You see, the housekeeper has made it a routine to come over to say hi to my dog; to give her a treat of goldfish crackers (which I turn a blind eye to — ‘people food’ is forbidden for my four legged critters).  Every Thursday — when she comes, then again when she leaves. And, every Thursday Kaeli dutifully awaits her arrival and departure.

Now, at first, I didn’t think anything of it and occasionally, I’d have Kaeli inside when the appointed hour arrived.  She would bark, paw at the door, and sometimes simply go berserk — yelping frantically.  It was then that I decided the routine wasn’t merely a human event…it was something even my dog looked forward to experiencing.  She knew when it was Thursday, and she had to be out at the gate to greet Kathy!  This has gone on for many, many years — and Kaeli treats it like a visit from a long, lost friend — eagerly greeting her each and every time, without fail.

I don’t know what Kaeli will do when Kathy finally retires, but I’m thinking I’ll have to try to establish a new routine for her.  One that includes goldfish crackers.