Interview with YA Author Sharon Ledwith

SINCE I SEEM TO BE HAVING ISSUES with the interview I posted on the 15th, I have deleted it.  My apologies.  BUT, you may still see it by going to my FB business page–in Notes at this link.

There is a winner to announce!

My interview with Sharon Ledwith included a raffle of her two eBooks: The Legend of the Timekeepers and The Last Timekeepers and the Arch of Atlantis.  The winner is Jennifer Loiske.  Congratulations, Jennifer.  Sharon will be contacting you soon with your coupons for the eBooks.

Inspiring Teens Blog Hop

IT’S ON…AND REALLY HOPPING!  The Blog Hop started this morning at Inspiring Teens Blog Hop and will be ongoing through Saturday, 19 October.

Inspiring Teens Blog Hop 14-19 October Be there or be square...

Inspiring Teens Blog Hop
14-19 October
Be there or be square…

There are a ton of YA book authors to learn about, new books to discover and bloggers that are strutting their guest authors stuff.  There are giveaways at each blog, plus at the ‘home’ site of Inspiring Teens Blog Hop.  Make sure you check it out.

Sharon Ledwith, YA author
Come by Tuesday to check out her interview!

Tomorrow, I will be hosting Sharon Ledwith with an interview and a chance to win copies of her books (they really are terrific!) and on Saturday, Robbie Cox will be hosting me as an author–and a chance to win copies of my eBook and paperback, plus a cover for a Kindle eReader!  Go to Inspiring Teens Blog Hop for further details for links and a contest for a $10 Amazon gift certificate!

Teen Read Week Update

TIME DRAWS NIGH…SO VERY SOON the Teen Read Week begins–13-19 October and the Blog Hop begins on Monday, the 14th of October.  This is an excellent week for teens of all ages (12-18) to come over to several sites specifically set up for them to discover and learn about authors and the books that are written with them in mind.  Whether an avid reader…or one that is rather reluctant, this week is for them–both in local libraries and on the internet, as the week is sure to kick off with many things to do.

The sites are:  YALSA’s Teen Read Week: Seek the Unknown and Greta Burrough’s Inspiring Teens Blog Hop.  There will be links for all of the books and authors and the bloggers’ sites that are involved in this event, plus contests where you can vie for booty (books & swag) at the Blog Hop all week long.  Libraries in your area will have events, readings, etc going on–make sure you check in with your local library to see what’s happening!

I will be hosting Sharon Ledwith, author of The Last Timekeepers and the Arch of Atlantis and its prequel, The Legend of the Last Timekeepers on Tuesday, 15 October!  I am excited about this event, as I have already read the Last Timekeepers and am reading the prequel now.  They are good books.  If you like science fiction fantasy, whether a young adult or child at heart, I think you will enjoy these books.

On Saturday, 19 October–the final day of the Teen Read Week and the Inspiring Teens Blog Hop, I will be hosted as an author by blogger (and author) Donna Dillion, where I will talk about Secrets Beyond Scymaria, a little bit about the upcoming books (book two and three) in the series and reveal a little bit about the characters, plus have giveaways for copies of the book.

Please make sure you make your way over to both sites the week of 13-19 October.  Don’t miss out!  It will be fun.