I’m Back On Track…

FUNNY HOW TIME FLIES when you really aren’t wanting it to. I cannot believe it’s been so long since I last made a blog entry. I’ve tried. I’ve started a few that have languished and “died on the vine”, as it were.

Trying to get the book published has been all-consuming and once I signed off on that last bit, I thought I could sit back and plan the next phase…marketing. ‘Hiccups’ in the publishing road have kept me preoccupied. Pesky health issues have slowed me down. Even peskier problems with my blog have frustrated me when I’ve needed access. Travel (with no reliable internet) has delayed things and the next two books, waiting to be polished, languish–just like my NaNoWriMo project (book four). I’m already at day ten and only have 3,001 words written. That’s a mere 300 words per day. A pittance compared to what I should be writing (1,667/day).

The struggles and preoccupations of everything have keep the creative flow blocked.

So, here it is, 1:30 in the morning (well, it was probably closer to one I started) and I can’t sleep because–finally, random words and phrases are not just bouncing around but melding together and finding their way down the canyons of my mind to crystallize into written thoughts.

Am I frustrated at the hour they chose to form? Well, yes…and no. I could really use a few good nights sleep, but I’m awake, so–what the heck. I don’t have to get up and sit in front of the computer, thanks to today’s technology. I’m snug in bed, in the dark, with the only illumination being the screen of my iPhone, glaring back at me with my written words. The only sounds are intermittent heavy breathing and occasional snores from my four-legged babies, and the half-hour reminders from my antique clock on the mantle downstairs. It’s amazing how easy it is for me to put my thoughts onto this dinky device. Thank God!

So, until my eyes get tired, or thoughts stop flowing, I will write. Then I will sleep. Perhaps I’ll get a few good blogs begun during these wee hours.

Who knows.

One thing I do know–it is a very nice feeling to have the creativity flowing once again.

Even if it is two in the morning.

2 thoughts on “I’m Back On Track…

  1. November is a very difficult month.
    October would be so much easier. But, with perseverance, it can be done.
    And…even if I don’t make the goal of 50,000 words, at least I’ve jumped over a huge hurdle with the challenge to get some serious writing in on a regular basis.
    It’s near the end of day 11 and I’ve managed to reach 7,058 words–at day four, I was floundering at a bit over 1,000 words. The NaNo score board says I must now average 2,148 daily to reach 50,000. I think–know I can do that…if I persevere.

  2. I’m astonished at those who can carry out NaNo. November’s an impossible month for me to do that.

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