Confidence Building…

AS A WRITER, I LOVE THE ACT OF putting my thoughts onto paper. It took me a long time to feel comfortable sharing them with others, always wondering what they might think. Once I finally realized that it didn’t matter (well, it did…but not so much) what others thought–I knew that there were some readers out there that would enjoy my stories, so I finally started sharing–first in the confines of a classroom…and when I didn’t get booed back to my seat, I was resolved to further to make publishing my work a reality. First with my blog, then with my sci-fi fantasy story.

And now that it’s out there, I fret. Is it a waste of money? Yes, I did use a “vanity press” to get my book published and they dig deep into your pockets–I’ve been scolded on numerous occasions by fellow indie authors for going that route, but at the time, it was the best way–for me. No, I haven’t gone crazy trying to publicize the book–I’ve been very low key about it. What I have done is to give it to God. Does that mean sitting back on my laurels and let Him make it happen? No, it means I trust that if this book series is meant to be, it will fly. It may take some time. I’ve done a few book signings, now have a twitter account (but refuse to flood the twittersphere with ‘buy my book’ stuff), posted (a lot) on my business Facebook account, a little on my personal FB account, a little on my LinkedIn account…you get the idea.

Friends have give me verbal feedback on how much they liked Secrets Beyond Scymaria. Only one person has given me a ‘so-so’ comment, and I respect that. The book is not for everybody. But, not even one written review. Not one. My confidence has been flagging. Were these wonderful verbal high-fives just to make me feel good? I know many authors go through this. Some more than others. They need to see those reviews (and those reviews are important for sales, too, since most people look at the reviews before considering their purchases).  Those visual ‘pats’ on the back. They want to see lots of them. Lots of five star reviews.

So, I was beginning to seriously doubt myself, my book and starting to feel pretty down, since fellow author friends have had scores of reviews on their newly published books while mine has been languishing since September/October, 2013. That’s a long time in the life of a book. And a long time for a writer. I finally decided I obviously wasn’t ‘giving it to God’ like I’d planned. So, I gave it back to him (again)–and relaxed.

I busied myself with my second book (it”s almost ready for the publisher–I know, I keep saying that, but life keeps getting in the way of completing it!) and have all but one problem spot worked out. Then I realized I needed to come up with verbiage for the hardbound cover inside flaps. Yikes. So, I’m working on that too.

Out of the blue, an indie author/blogger/reviewer Facebook friend, Ey Wade, said she’d do a review on my book. Not just an ordinary reader, but one that does this professionally. I was honored. I sent her a pdf of Secrets Beyond Scymaria and within days, she had a review posted on her webblog (which has some very good reviews, by the way–you might want to check it out if you’re looking for a new book to read)…and on Amazon and GoodReads!

My confidence has been renewed, since not only was it a good review, but she gave it five stars (doing a happy dance). Now…back to getting the second in the series done so I can finish planning for my trip!

And, yes, I am certainly not ashamed to admit it, I did thank and praise God for all that happened…I know His hand is in it, helping me move forward.

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  1. I’ll check out her page. Those who have read it, you need to stress to them that it’s important that they do review it.

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