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YES, LIFE CAN DEFINITELY BE like a roller coaster ride … with plenty of ups and downs. Right now, I think I’m ready for a placid boat ride on a tranquil lake. I enjoy an exciting ride, just like most people … but let’s keep it to “now and then”, please. Maybe it’s because I’m becoming addled in my old age (tongue in cheek—honest … well, most days, anyway).

Yup … old age, as the saying goes, is not for the faint of heart. Sigh (and giggle … please insert eye-roll). I won’t bore you with the details, but I’m glad I have someone much stronger than I to lean upon—for all those ups and downs. And I have a whole village of friends for additional support. God is ultimately my pillar—the one that is there for me no matter what, but friends are definitely awesome too. I have friends that understand my cryptic comments on Facebook. Some are silent, waiting for me to give further information (they know it’ll come eventually), while others fill that immediate need by inquiring as soon as they hear I’m not up to par—allowing me to vent a wee bit … or to commiserate. We need all of it—well, at least, I do.

I hold my friends close like a precious commodity. Some I can go without seeing for ages … and when we meet up again, it’s as if we’ve never been apart. One or two, when I met them for the first time … well, it was as if we’d already know each other for ages, syncing perfectly, understanding each other. Others are there in my every-day life, tapping me on the shoulder occasionally (with a knowing comment or making a “knowing” face) to keep me in line, or are there to “watch my back” or give me a hug. Others simply shake their head knowingly at my antics and smile (or make a comment to diffuse a situation). And … there are those that are there, helping me to “let it all hang out”—goofing around, having ridiculous fun. Some know the agonies and trials needed to get through the writing, publishing and promoting of a book. I’m glad to have every single one of them in my life.

Sniggle. I must tell you of one such friend—a fairly new friend at that (so, I was delighted by her response). Over this last weekend, a bevy of writers (Central Coast Writers, to be more specific) planned on walking in the parade at the Good Old Days event in Pacific Grove. We were all at our booth when the text came for us to converge at a spot along the parade route. All but one (who had to stay and man the booth) headed up the hill to the location … and as we walked, I warned everyone that I’d be lagging behind because hills were my nemesis, but not to worry. They kept an eye on me & altered their speed to accommodate me (sweet of them!). I made it to the top (sadly, panting—sniggle) and we continued to our meeting point. Along the way, I was asked several times if I needed someone to drive me back to the booth—I declined each time. It was not necessary. When we arrived at what we thought was our meeting point, my body was screaming at me to lie down. So, I did (it takes the weight off the ankles, bad knee and aching back—and, oooh, it felt nice an’ cool on my achy back). I did tell them what I was doing … I think. Anyway, the next thing I knew, I had all sorts of people (including a fireman) asking if I was okay. I kept saying I was fine. Apparently someone thought I’d fallen. Once I explained why I was lying down (rolls eyes … isn’t saying I’m okay enough?), most of them backed off but the fireman kept asking if I needed anything … a pillow, water … whatever. I guess I said something that he laughed at, saying “Okay … you just want us to leave you alone, right?” I laughed with him and said thank you …

That’s when my relatively new friend (a writer) showed up. Perfect timing. She walked up to the “scene” and announced, “Is this a murder scene or something?” Laughing, I flopped my arms out in a “dead man” position … and she added, “Who’s got the chalk to outline this?” I laughed so hard. Nobody bothered me again. (Then she told us we were in the wrong spot, that we needed to go further down the line … groaning, I got up and we trudged off.) She diffused the situation so perfectly. Laurie, you rock!

They are all a blessing, in every phase of my life. During my ups, my downs, my goofiness, my trials and frustrations … in my sadness and elation.

I am blessed abundantly and ever so thankful for each one of them.

Until next Friday … have a blessed day and a gloriously wonderful weekend, wherever you are.




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