Struggling …


I AM STRUGGLING WITH ALL that has happened in these last few months—both personally and in the community at large.

I’m still recovering—a painfully slow process, for sure—from my surgery last month. I’m just shy of four weeks post-op and I’m still drained of energy and my artistic (writerly and painterly) mojo, leaving me frustrated. Very frustrated.

The events of the last six months (I actually did a little research)—all around the world—leave me speechless and deeply moved. I am not one to foist my political or religious feelings on anyone. I’d rather set my examples through my day-to-day actions. Though right now, because I’m semi-confined and physically hampered with headaches and fuzzier-than-usual memory, my actions seem to be stymied. Stifled.

I struggle with what to say. On Facebook. Here, in this blog. Even when I’m chatting to someone in person. I’m not one to put my head in the sand and ignore all that is happening around me, but I’m also not one to shout out to the world what we should be doing. I’ve never been a good debater. I require way too much time to contemplate issues.

In this world seemingly filled with of pessimists, I am an optimist. A “glass-half-full” kinda girl. I’d rather seek out the good than point out all the bad that is happening. There’s plenty of both, but the bad seems to be getting all the headlines in the media.

I think this blog started out as one to explore mankind’s intentions and how fast it is leading us down the wrong path. Instead, I think I’m simply going to say that I feel it’s more like the story of Alice and her falling down the rabbit hole. There will always be experiences (that’s what we call life, right?)—dare I say adventures?—that, depending on our decision-making skills, will either lead us to victory or defeat. Each adventure will have its ups and downs, but in the end … where will you be? What choices will you make and where will it ultimately take you? Will you be one of the Red Queen’s minions or will you be an Alice—ever-ready to face a challenge?

What about me, you ask. Well, I put my trust entirely in God’s hands (that’s not to say I take it back on a regular basis, but I do try to give it back …). As crazy as the media makes this world out to be, I know there’s plenty of good left, if only we are willing to open our eyes to it … and be part of it. I put my trust in His hands for my healing, for my understanding (and patience) of all the political craziness, mistrust and mayhem—I know I will make it through to the other side—however long it takes.

I am reminded of a verse: Galatians 5:22-23 “… the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance (tolerance/patience), kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.If each of us used those things in our daily lives, life would get better. I know—”Polyanna syndrome—rolls eyes …” Mmm. No, I don’t think so … but maybe. More likely it’s a little Utopian or Arcadian, but remember—I’m a glass half-full kinda girl and I can always hope … and pray.

… and on that note, I’d like to add, may your day and weekend be blessed. I’ll be busy with my book signing, so it will be blessed, indeed!

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  1. Hope is better than the opposite, though from time to time that requires not paying attention to the news for a few days, especially this year.

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