The Insanity of It All

THE POLITICAL AND RACIAL HATE that has been polluting the Internet this last couple weeks finally hit me. I could not keep my emotions in check, so I abandoned most electronics for a few days. My mind and heart couldn’t take any more. By my on admission, I am not a political savvy person and keep my thoughts pretty much to myself to stay out of trouble.

I shed tears and my heart aches every time I hear of senseless beatings, deaths of individuals and heartless, unfair treatment by police. I don’t care what their colour is. It’s not right. It’s an assault on all that is right in our country. An outright head-on assault. But to generalize and hate all all blacks … all whites … all police because of a “few” bad apples … that’s wrong too! Our country is being divided—torn from within. And I mourn the loss of the integrity that we, as a nation, once had. It seems to be disintegrating before my very eyes. What has happened to compassion, caring and love for your fellow American—or even your fellow citizen of the world?

Then I see the compassion of so many, standing up to protect others and my heart swells with joy. Unfortunately, it seems the media is far more prone to displaying—no, pushing—the violence than they are the compassion. Sadly, it appears that violence sells better. And the Internet (Facebook) is littered with hateful, one-sided rhetoric.

Many of the posts I see on Facebook look like they are there to incite anger rather than try to come up with a solution. If you are not for BlackLivesMatter then you are presumed against it. You can’t be pro-police and pro-black. If you associate with AllLivesMatter, then you are perceived to be against BLM.

It is an unfair perception.

I try to live out my beliefs—demonstrate my beliefs through my actions. I do my best to help people in need—no matter their colour, political or personal beliefs. But I also refuse to protest, to throw out angry words to incite anger. To be drawn into endless debates. I am “bullied” because I am “silent”. Silent in their eyes, perhaps, but I have always felt that ones actions speak volumes. How is loving … helping my neighbour, no matter what the colour, not an action?

Maybe I’m a pacifist. Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t know. I do know I try to live and follow God’s will. From my point of view, from the beginning, I see all of this BlackLivesMatter as being very militant and it feels wrong. Even their “manifesto” sounds militant.  I am all for what they are trying to achieve—to educate non-blacks of their plight … I’m not comfortable with how they are doing it. It incited anger—on all sides, escalating things rather that trying to deal peacefully with the situation.

That’s my humble opinion. Perhaps I am too simple-minded for the world. So be it. My wish for our country is that we embrace our differences and use them to strengthen us as a nation rather than to divide and tear us to shreds, making us vulnerable.

We are a great nation that needs healing. Desperately. It takes only one person to begin the ripple of healing. Would you consider thinking about what you can do to help pull us back into a singular, unified country?

There are others that are far more eloquent than I and I’d like to share the links to their thought on this matter:
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Einstein was not only a mathematical genius, but he had a strong social conviction.

Friends, please be kind to one another. Help your neighbour. Actively seek out to do these things.


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  1. The world just seems to be getting worse and worse, in so many places.

    In the days after the Dallas shootings, it’s come out that the police force there have been striving to do things right for years on end.

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