2017 … Filled With Promise

HELLO, 2017. I WAIT, IN FULL EXPECTATION of finding this brand new year filled with wonder and excitement. And challenges. I already know that there will be unexpected changes to my plans, but that’s okay. That’s life. I’m pretty good at rolling with the punches. Not perfect, but pretty good …

This should be my year to travel, since your predecessor (2016) saw to it that it was not an option … but now, I’m beginning to wonder. I can already see “issues” rearing their head that will most likely drain my “travel” pocketbook. I could ignore them and traipse off across the pond–and have a blast … or settle in for the long-haul and confront the dragons that lurk in the corner. And use the non-travel time to make my little piece of paradise more perfect. Mundane jobs like whacking away the encroaching “forest”, painting away the scars, making room for guests to stay, maybe even a bit of a remodel (what am I thinking?? Where will that money come from?), planting a few fences and new forest companions …. the list is never-ending.

Yup, there’s plenty to do–but the travel bug. What to do about that. Well, February will find me traveling south … for the Gallifrey One convention and a few ancillary trips to take care of some family and financial business. I’ll probably get in a wee bit of a photography foray, too (insert grin …) since I’ll be coming through Tejon Pass.

Before I head south, I’m hoping to get this pesky cataract taken care of. It will be nice to have one eye that is crisp and clear! But first, I’ve got to get rid of my sinus infection and cough. Honestly … it’s been a royal pain. Once my cataract is dealt with, I’ll be able to focus more clearly (no pun intended, honest) on my editing, which has languished because my blurred vision limits how long I can tolerate concentrating on words.

Whatever happens with travel and my cataract, I’ll be very excited to be well enough to dive into life with both feet … spending time with friends, writing, geting back into walking at Point Lobos–to simply enjoy life again. It’s those simple pleasures that make it all worthwhile.

My hopes and prayers for you are to find joy, peace and a desire to make this year the very best you can.


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