ITS BEEN ONE OF THOSE weeks … lots of weird stuff, plus just plain ol’ busy–and I’m having problems with saving my blog. Again.

Drats. I really am getting tired of fighting with my website nearly every week. It’s the same ol’ thing every time. And my poor addled brain simply does not remember, so it happens again and again.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, there are other issues that pop up when I’m trying to actually post also, but it’s most irritating when I start it–grateful to finally get those first few hundred words on “paper” then clicking on Save (without first performing a highlight all and copy–which should not be necessary, by the way) … only to find the prompt saying “could not perform the task”. So, all of those hard-fought first words are lost. Like I said, irritating. Frustrating.

I love writing. But things like that suck me dry; leave me wanting to do other things. Anything other than working on my blog. Or any other kind of writing. I do like that I’m able to work on it even whilst still snuggled under my covers, at any hour, whether I have my laptop with me or not. My smart phone makes me lazy that way. But it’s the smart phone that is creating all the angst.

Ha! Another reason for me to shed all these fancy electronic devices. Sigh. I’d love to see it happen. But I’m so “hooked”.

Well, the reason for this post is to tell you I’m taking a break. I’ve been trying to decide how many weeks … and I do believe four weeks will help me sort things out (personally, health wise and of a writerly nature). Sure hope understand I’m not abandoning you … I simply need time to sort my life out and get some writing done.

Have a blessed weekend and month. Enjoy your summer and I certainly hope you find serendipity right around the corner! I’ll be back–maybe even sooner than planned. You can always find some posts on my Facebook dj jameson smith-author page.

Toodles for now …

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