Challenges, Here I Come!

IT’S BEEN AN INTERESTING YEAR so far. Looks like 2018 will hold some fascinating twists and turns. And plenty of new challenges.

But right now, I’m just chillin’. It’s Sunday and I’ve been crazy busy all last week trying to scratch off way too many things on my To Do list simultaneously—which is not a terribly smart move on my part.

I sat down to begin writing a light-hearted blog—great ideas were swimming near the surface and I wanted to get them down before I forgot … aaaand, by the time I settled down to “put them on paper”, they were gone. I haven’t a clue … (insert extreme eye-roll here, along with a deep sigh).

Hence my “chillin’” … I do have a lovely lap-warmer to keep my company. I think Sebastian is not keen on my “away-from-home” schedule that I’ve been keeping lately. If plopping on my lap keeps me from going anywhere, then he’s a pro at keeping me in one place. There is an Unspoken Rule—if a cat falls a sleep or is resting on your lap (or any body part for that matter), you are not allowed to get up, let alone move … Giggle. I do have my ways of getting him to move without breaking the Rule if I must get up, but usually I can handle the length of time he camps-out on my body.  But this week has been gruelling for him. And he’s let me know—he can be a very verbal little guy when he wants/needs to be.

Well, I was hoping that I’d remember what I was going to say—no dice … so, the best avenue for me is to putter … at least, that’s the new plan. The old plan was to go to church and then work at OGS again. But I overslept (majorly) and decided maybe I need to do less today. Staying home does not guarantee that—plenty to do here too …

Aaah … memories (fleeting little guys—insert a very sad face here). There are times that I think I’ve gained back a fair amount of my my memory … then days like Sunday happen. It’s now Thursday and that idea for the blog never resurfaced. I’ve been too busy playing (… well, actually working) in my new studio space. Did I tell you about that? My new studio—still a work in progressAnother view of my new OGS stufioStarting with January of 2018, I’ve a new space to be creative. It’s an actual space with an actual door on it (I know—gasp). So, since a bit after Christmas, I’ve been working on making it “my space” (hence the inordinate time away from my cat …). Adding furniture from home, shelves and cabinets I’ve scrounged, table tops of varying heights to accommodate different mediums … things like that. It is shaping up and I’m loving the space.

The other thing I’m doing (no, not editing …) is scrambling, trying to figure out what I’m doing with my books. Since the announcement that my publisher (if Inknbeans Press) passed away, there are quite a few authors feeling shipwrecked. We’ve been notified that the business will close …. which leaves most of the authors up a creek without the proverbial paddle. We are trying to help each other with whatever experience we can share.

I’m thinking that I may be doing it on my own, creating a mini-publishing company with one author (me). So I’d be using CreateSpace or Ingram as my publish on demand vendor for paperbacks  not sure about the ebooks yet—one step at a time.

But, I cannot do anything until the executors of her estate releases all rights back to each of the author, including me. So, it’s a game of wait and see …

Whilst I twiddle my thumbs in the waiting game, I’m inventorying what I have left in the way of books and I’m putting together a The beginnings of a marketing promo package to jump start the re-publishing of the series—doesn’t look like much at present, but just wait an’ see! I also need to get book four’s edit finished and wrap up book five (then start the editing process) so I can release them in rapid succession.

My Writerly plate is full, as is my Painterly plate. But as I’ve said before, I’m always up for a challenge. And it will be a challenge—indeed!

For now, I wish you all well. May your day, weekend and upcoming week be filled with manageable challenges, serendipity just around the next corner … and a safe and healthy year ahead of you.