Scurrying, Plotting and Planning …


I WOULD LOVE TO TELL YOU that I’ve been über productive this last week, but I’d be lying through my teeth if I did. I managed to finish last week’s post—that was an accomplishment in itself. I’ve done the tiniest bit of editing, but I’m finding my head is not in edit-mode and the moment I bumped up against a paragraph that the editor didn’t like (neither did I), I was stumped for a solution. I just closed the computer and attempted to turn to other things.

There’s still a fair amount of “whilst-you-were-gone” stuff on my plate. I’m not sure if that’s pulling me away from my creative side or not. I know my mind has been busy thinking both Writerly and Painterly thoughts, but the moment I roll up my sleeves to dive in to wrestle with those ideas, they are gone. What’s that all about? Talk about frustrating!

On a more personal level, I’m scrambling to get things lined up for one of my two nieces’ wedding—I’m excited for her, but my invite was lost in the mail, so there’s been a lot of last minute scrambling to get reservations settled. And I seldom do fancy-attire things, so when it dawned on me that my closet could not produce appropriate attire for the event, more scrambling happened <giggle> (with the help of a dear friend) … but now—finally—I’m all set. I’ve even managed to half-pack my carry-on suitcase <grin> so I won’t misplace the clothes I’ve decided to bring—a couple pieces will have to wait for packing since they are getting some minor alterations taken care of. Oh. And I guess I’ll be expected to wear makeup <groan> (you have to understand, I don’t wear that stuff unless I’m “forced” to <insert eye roll> … well, kinda). When my daughter got married (I think that was something like five years ago …?), I wore some … previously, well I’m not sure when I last wore makeup <giggle>. Part of the reason is my allergies … and I’m just not a fancy-dancy dress up kinda girl, so my makeup sits in a drawer, unused. Hope it’s still usable …

I’m assuming that part of the reason you follow my blog is to learn about who I am—who it is that’s behind the author’s facade. This is me. The unvarnished truth. Hehe—maybe some day I’ll quiz you on what you’ve learned about me <wink> <giggle> Just kidding.

Anyway … as the week wound down, I did manage to get a decent walk in—with my shopping friend. She and I are talking about traveling together … yup <giggle> could be up to four weeks … but not till 2020. Today’s walk was over 3.5 miles—the most I’ve walked since returning from my adventure across the Pond. I did pretty well, considering the state of my ankle. She and I have already planned a walk date for next week. This is a good thing for me—getting back into some healthy routines. A healthier me is a more productive me.

A warning—next week is going to be crazy, so there may be no time to work on a post. So, there will be no post next week—I’ll be back in two weeks. Until then, have a blessed day today, this weekend and two weeks coming up! Fall is in the air—can you feel it? <grin>

Now … before I forget, let me get this posted.

Just a reminder of upcoming things:

Sat, 22 September, 2018 10am-3pm – ART AND BOOKS (and much more)
Fall GDBA Sidewalk Sale in Gilroy
: On 5th Street in Gilroy, Joyce Oroz and Debra J Smith will join a multitude of vendors—the two authors with be there, sharing a booth with their mystery and fantasy series books for signing and for sale; Debra will also have some of her art available for purchase.

Sat/Sun, 29-30 September, 2018 11am-5pm – ART
Monterey County Artists Open Studios
: Open Ground Studios’ artists (including Debra J Smith) will be participating, sharing their work—and work spaces—with the public at Open Ground Studios at 1230 Fremont Street in Seaside CA.

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