When Things Don’t Go Your Way …


LIFE KEEPS MOVING forward but I’m not so sure I’m ready to … there are too many things not going the way I’d like. Can I get a mulligan on this last month? Well … it’d probably have to be a few years with my luck and I’d rather not go back that far.

My author friend, Joyce Oroz, and I finished up a lovely book signing in Salinas  on Saturday—if was fun and we both sold some books. That’s always a good thing.

But, as I mentioned before, there were more not going my way than the things that did. Among them: more health issues. I’m so finished with all of that. But apparently they aren’t done with me. So, I’ve been doing lots of “popcorn prayers” to get me through. And I move on (mostly)—despite the problems.

I finally have a few half-days (or more) of “clear” time to work on being productive … well, now I have a few less than desired, but I’ll take what I can get at this rate. The list of “Must Do” items is awfully long, yet all I want to do it hit the trails—at Point Lobos—to clear my mind. I need to listen to my body if I want to be productive.

Sigh. Even trying to get this post done is becoming a royal nuisance—I’m still having electronic issues … wifi still on the fritz and now my only source of internet (my iPhone) is acting up. Can’t even get photos loaded <pout>

I think I’m going to take a break (yeah … I know—I just did that) to try to sort things out. I’m so sorry. I’m thinking that trip to Point Lobos may be a necessity—to help me figure things out in my head a wee bit so I can get things back on track.

So, again … my apologies, but I’ll be back after Halloween on November 2nd. Have a blessed two weeks. Toodles!

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