I’m Back—Hello February!

I’M NOT GOING TO do this much longer … that is, I’m not going to keep linking my actual blog from this site much longer. Maybe at the end of February … or sometime in March. I’m still learning how to use the new site (and still have to set up a few links to other things), but I’m enjoying it so much more than this one. When that day comes, I will pin a notice on this site with a link to my new site. At some point, I need to move all of the data from this site to my new site—that is a scary proposition. And … all of that will be baby-steps towards ending my relationship with Yahoo (they are my host provider).

So, until then … here’s the new blog for February’s first Friday. Ooh! A wee bit of alliteration there <grin> … without even trying!

Have a grand Friday, relaxing weekend and delightful week—may it all be blessed. Cheers!


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