Travel Blog: Week One, Part Two

{Well … I was wondering why this was sitting in the draft “pile”. Guess I forgot to combine the one I ended up posting with this one, so you get two blogs today <insert sheepish grin …> Bear with me … I’ll eventually edit and combine the two together so this isn’t permanently plopped into the middle of the trip. Oopsie. So sorry.}

ON MY MARK, GET SET … GO! THE TRIP HAS BEGUN! Sandy’s husband was so kind as to cart us up to the San Francisco airport (thank you, John!!), where we caught a 5:30pm flight to Dublin. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve never taken Aer Lingus, so it was a new experience. As much as I love to take pictures of the clouds—I have such a plethora of clouds-from-a-plane photos—I would much rather have an aisle seat so that I can get up and stretch. I really didn’t know what to expect in the way of seating—whether it would be like packed sardines or if there would be much in the way of leg room (after all, Aer Lingus is a no-frills airline…). Yes, that meant I needed to accommodate the window and middle seat passengers, but I’d much prefer the ease of getting up to stretch or use the WC. Yup … definitely.

Sandy sat in the aisle seat across from me (and we have the same set-up for our return flight). Both flights are non-stop—something I’d recommend, if you can afford it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s well worth the extra expense for peace of mind. No dealing with rushing to catch the next leg of the journey … or missed or cancelled connecting flights. Definitely worth it.

We arrived on Thursday, 17 May around noon—I was a little preoccupied with deplaning (grabbing my carry-on), grabbing baggage and finding our rental car to take notice. Our ticket says 11:50am as an arrival time—a little over ten hours in the air. How did I fare flying with Aer Lingus?

Thursday was spent getting settled in and adjusting to the 8-hour time change (extra hours, mind you … so an extra long day). And I had to juggle when to take my medicines—that’s always fun. Departure/arrival day is always a jumble where my medications are concerned (insert big eye-roll here—haha). At least there are only two pills that are prescriptions (and the doses are low enough that taking sooner than scheduled—or even later—is not a bad/harmful thing. Hopefully my doctors never hear about the weird scheduling I always end up doing (insert eye-roll … teehee). Friday—aaack … that’s today—is our first full day in Dublin and I will be back on schedule medicine-wise. And we will begin our exploring slowly—working up our stamina for all that walking (insert sheepish grin). I am so excited to finally get to Dublin (and Ireland/UK in general) and show Sandy all the neat things there are to see! Sadly, even with two and a half months, we will not see everything, since it is, of course, a leisurely trip.

I wish you a blessed Friday and weekend. Hopefully there will be a good internet connection to get this blog out to you on schedule! Until next Friday and the second installment of our travels—slainté!

Nearing the End…

IT’S AMAZING HOW fast time flies. As I write this, the week has literally flown by and it’s nearly time for the CIVers to say adieu to each other. Most of them will be heading back to the States on Saturday or Sunday. I get to hang around for another three and a half weeks (teehee).

This blog will be fairly short, but I’m going to add a few photos from the week to you. I hope you enjoy them…

IMGP4741 IMG_0718 IMG_0651


I’m loving the rivers and lakes in the Snowdonia Mountain range. Amazing, really. The lake and the newly emerging frond are from Snowdonia. The center photo was taken along the edge of Cae Mabon. It’s like a fairytale village, really. I could spend much more time here.

IMG_0662 IMG_0751 IMG_0684


Cae Mabon (an eco retreat)-main lodge and their storyteller, Eric; lovely tree at the top edge of Cae Mabon; one of the cottages at the retreat.

IMG_0750 IMGP4665 IMG_6538


Cae Mabon beautiful vegetation, boats in Caernafron–near the Castle, (who knew I’d forget so fast where these places are??) unknow scenery along the western coastline in Wales (sorry)

IMGP4599 IMG_0381 IMG_0233


Dublin River, Conwy Castle (that “bridge” is very small) and the river I’m blanking on the town name for this one on the right.

IMG_0194 IMG_0140 IMG_0165

Two hostel bedrooms (left at the western edge of Ireland, right at Dublin), plus my hotel grounds at sunset in Malahide, Ireland

Tomorrow, we pack up from our lovely little cottage in Bryngwrang and move onto an overnight stay in Mold (don’t laugh–that’s actually the name of the town). We have to be on the road by 10 am…maybe? Since Saturday, we have managed to cover most of the coastline of northern Wales, above and below the Holyhead island, plus some inland areas–either by mistake–Marc will not admit to it and absolutely nobody is complaining (it’s always worked well into the plans) or by design. It’s nice that the itinerary is loose.

This area is magnificent. Rugged. Picturesque…and just flat out gorgeous, whether a city or town, or countryside. I’m contemplating altering my plans to visit Edinburgh and cozy up into some neat little hotel till I’m due in the London area around 8 June. I’ll have to make by decision by tomorrow night at the latest. You will find out sometime next week…

I now have another area to add to my list that I have fallen madly in love with…what’s a girl to do?