A Conundrum

BEFORE I BEGIN THIS POST, I MUST announce: this is post #100 (doing a dance)! I began this whole endeavor in 2010 as an experiment, not really knowing what I was going to write about. It quickly (well, it took a year) turned into a tongue-in-cheek, informative travel blog, then I expanded from there. It’s been many things, chronically my thoughts and activities for the past three and a half years. It seems so long ago! To refresh my memory, I’ve been reading through a few of them and it has been entertaining to see where I was and how far I’ve come. Though I’ve not been consistent (my apologies), my posts have improved. So will my consistency–I hope!

I thank you, my readers–whoever and wherever you are, for bothering to take the time to read my entries. I hope you’ve found them entertaining and/or informative. Now, on with post number one hundred:

PASSIONS ARE WONDERFUL THINGS really. They keep you driven, moving forward. Challenged. I like that. But, when you acquire too many passions, well…problems arise.

They begin butting heads with each other, competing for my valuable time. Well, maybe not valuable, but precious–yes, since there are only so many usable hours in a day. And I find myself, with all this bouncing between passions, starting to lose momentum. Becoming disengaged from each.

This, I do not like.

Trying to find a balance between all of the loves in my life seems to be getting more difficult. My garden is in shambles. My photography is a mere shadow of itself, my art beckons and my writing, well…it’s demanding. And I did very little travel–none abroad–last year. That is added to the mix this year.

I’m excited, yet terrified.

How does one successfully juggle all of this without everything coming crashing down on one’s proverbial head? The conundrum: my travels will involve three loves: travel, photography and blogging (it’s been awhile since I’ve done a fun blog about travel). I will try to sneak in some promotional stuff too, visiting schools and libraries to make people aware of my book–both the one presently in print and the one that will (hopefully) be published this spring, before I head off on my sojourn.

Finding time to write (other than the blog) will get interesting. By the time I begin my travels, I will be eyebrow deep in editing my third book (if all goes well, it will come out in the fall) and still needing to finish my fourth. Oh, my! Will there be time (and enough focus) at the end of each day to work on the backstory and editing for book three? My editor will be waiting for it…patiently, I hope.

And my heart aches when I think about leaving my fur-babies alone for so long. No snuggling up with them, being purred to sleep, no amusing times watching the antics of my bunny, no wagging tail to greet me when I come back to rest my head for the night after a hard day of walking.

Yes, there will be plenty of that. Walking–that’s a good thing…and bad. When I’m on my own, I’ll be able to alter my schedule to accommodate my feeble knee…when I’m on the tour tromping around upper Wales, well, not so much. I’ll either have to opt out of the days activities or simply press on and make sure I have my Aleve, my clunky brace and some ice for the end of the day.

And thinking about my art…and my garden. Hopefully neither will languish too much in my absence. Art? Well, I can doodle on the road now and then, but my garden…that will be left in the hands of my neighbors and to the whims of Mother Nature. She may be very cruel this season (they’ve officially proclaimed that we are in a drought). I can tidy the garden up (it is a complete disaster right now from my neglect whilst editing all last summer and fall) in preparation for my departure, get the irrigation system in top condition and protecting the plants as best as possible. But, ultimately…I know I will have work to do when I get back–I cannot expect neighbors to put the TLC into it that I would. Hmm…perhaps I should leave it as is (groan–that hurts to contemplate!). No, I must tidy it up.

I do have faith that if it is to be, it will happen. Everything will fall into place. I know that I can’t just sit back, expecting it all to ‘just happen’–to go smoothly without some planning and work on my part…which adds to my juggling act.

Quite a conundrum, don’t you think? It’s never-ending.

Just like my books.

May your days be blessed. May they be problem free–or at least free of problems without solutions visible at the end of the tunnel…



DAYS AROUND HERE CAN BE SO FICKLE.  Some start off with a bang.  Wake up and the promises of sunshine and great productivity flash all around.  Energy abounds.

Other days begin with the dense fog not only hanging heavily in the sky, but in my brain, leaving me to wonder just where the day will take me.

These last few days — well, almost a week now — have been quite a mix of these sorts of beginnings.  One day, I’ll wake to sun streaming through the kitchen window, promising a beautiful day, and once the coffee kicked in, indeed, it is a magnificent, productive day.  Temperatures soar, as do my energy levels.  I love days like that, but they can be exhausting.

The next few days had me starting slow, with grey skies and chilly weather.  I felt like bundling up as we head to the middle of May.  Guess I’ll never get my ‘cold weather clothes’ put away.  I have to chuckle about that.  With the cooler weather, it takes a bit longer to get the joints moving, even with coffee.  I’m figuring that God knows when I need to slow down, and since I’m not likely to heed the obvious signs — especially if I have something that must be done, He helps out, causing me to put the brakes on, thankfully!  But, I think I wish I would just remember to take days slower, rather than deal with the physical reminders laid before me.

Then, the weather bounces, from one day to the next, from delightful and balmy, to gloomy and cold weather, then back again.  Winds pick up, die down, only to resume once again.  One never knows what to expect from day to day.  And, it depends on where I am, also.  If I’m home (inland) and it’s gorgeous, that does not necessarily mean I’ll encounter the same weather on the peninsula…and vise versa.  But, then again, it could be the same weather in both places.  Makes me shake my head.

Dress for warm and bring layers to stay warm in Spring, Summer and Fall (and dress for cold and bring added layers for Winter).  That’s my mantra.

With my Writerly side busting to get back to work and my Painterly side — oh…and then there’s the Administrative side (having to deal with both of the other two…poor thing!).  Hmmm.  I thought I only had two sides.  Well, that makes me more than multi-dimensional, yes?  I’m giggling.  Rambling, too.  I am so sorry.

As I was saying, my Writerly side wants to get back to work, but until the two exhibits are over and done, it’s pouting in the corner, poking and prodding at me now and then.  The bruises are beginning to hurt.  Writing my blog does not satisfy it at all any more.  Though, I always will enjoy writing these posts, the writer in me wants to bring my manuscript to a conclusion…wrap it up (aka–finish editing!), get it published — so I may start on a new writing venture I’ve had bouncing around in my brain, trying to find a way to escape before I’m ready for it.  And, for that matter, so do I.  I had set aside April and May to do just that.

I am so excited about these two art exhibits of my fledgling work.  Definitely an ego booster, but also an extremely energy-sucking side-tracker.  I can only do one thing at a time.  So much for multi-tasking.  I used to be so good at it.  No more, I fear…

So, until 26th May, I will continue my juggling act with the Writerly and Painterly sides.  Sunday will be a day of rest, then onward, hanging up my Painterly cap and donning my Writerly cap to completing my manuscript.  My blog posts may be few and far between until it’s done, but at least you’ll know I’m working hard to reach my goal.

May your last days of May hold much hope and blossom into a beautiful June.