David and the Goliath of Progress …


WELL, I MADE THE MISTAKE OF implementing the most recent WordPress update—prior to posting my last blog entry. Updates are supposed to be improvements. For this particular update, absolutely not. Even as I write this, I can see it will not be saved. Trying to manually update entries as I type is a fail. And it appears there are mixed messages as to whether it actually saves what I write in the automatic mode as well. It seems there are a number of features I liked that have gone by the wayside as well—like the tagging and advance posting abilities. I don’t see them anywhere! Still not sure how much of this new system works, or if there are some serious bugs that need vanquishing …

Maybe those features are there, I just don’t see them (that in itself is a negative!).

Sometimes progress is not progress at all. That is the kind of thing I have no time for—not at all. Facebook is always making changes in the name of “progress” and to make it more user-friendly—not! Well, there may be a few changes that have been positive, but I’d say that the majority make “life on Facebook” not nearly as fun. I’m beginning to feel the same about WordPress.

With WordPress’ new editor, it appears I’m stuck writing my paragraphs in “blocks”, which is weird. Is it simplified for dummies or is there some hidden reason behind it? I really don’t know, but this dummy sure can’t figure it out. Like I said before—I do have a problem with changes that don’t seem to have a reason—especially when the whole process is not explained sufficiently. If there was a tutorial somewhere, then that would be fine—but make it easy to fine, please! We’re not all Einsteins, after all …

I went into the Help arena and already—on day two of the change—a knowledgeable person is saying it’s a great step … backwards. That is as far from being “user friendly” Boy, can I agree on that point! I plan on doing more research in the help section and on my site, but not at the moment.

More research—that is exactly what I did. The above was written on Sunday. It took me a while, but I was able to figure out how to switch back to Classic Editor. Thank God! I’m not sure how long that will last, since these kind of changes (with options to use the “old way”) usually take away the fall-back option at some point. Unless they fix all of their glitches or have some sort of tutorial, I will be grieving the loss of a user friendly site for blogging. Whether I will move on or struggle to learn the “new way” is yet to be seen. As the old saying goes, “only time will tell …” Sigh.

This “David” feels overwhelmed and thinks the Goliath of Progress is about to take a win this time around. But the fight is far from done. Perhaps David will prevail yet.

<giggle … > Well, score one for Davif—an update came out yesterday—updated automatically. So, we’ll see how things go.  That doesn’t mean I’ll switch to the “new and improved” version anytime soon—but the update is a step (I hope) in the right direction.

In the meantime, on other technology fronts, did I ever mention that I acquired (for free) a behemoth of a printer for my studio? An Epson. I do love the Epsons. This one is not new—the date on the back is Dec, 2002—a dinosaur in technological terms. Hmmm. Maybe that’s why, once I rolled up my sleeves, it only took a couple days to figure it out. Lines in the printed image sorted out after four hours of tinkering—without having to resort to buying seven new, very expensive ink cartridges, nor an equally expensive service call. (It’s not a bad thing, since I paid nothing but sweat equity for the unit. I’m on a natural high—things are going my way for a change! Yay!

David-1, Goliath-0 in this round.

There are other tech issues waiting for me, but I’m going to bathe in this win for a bit before moving on to the next techno-problem.

And with that, I am going to bid you adieu.  May your Friday, weekend and week to come be filled with triumphs, no matter their size. Have a blessed week. See you next Friday!