12.12.12 12:12.12


I have one friend in the UK that is completely fascinated by them, posting on Facebook their arrival (though, this time, I was the one that posted the part about the association of time) whenever they pop up.  And she has plenty of friends (including me) that inevitably comment on it.   Is it just the numbers?  Is it some mystical thing?  Are there meanings behind these digits?

Who knows.  I’m not even going to open that can of worms.  I’ll leave that for you to sort out.   I just think it’s neat to see the repetitive numbers.  She and I will be sad that, with the coming of the new year, we will not have the fun of these runs of numbers…unless we start looking at 11/12/13 or some such combination.  It just doesn’t seem quite the same.  But, I guess it will have to do until we turn over to the next century.

Um, I don’t think I’ll be here for that — I’d be a very ripe ol’, doddering 1051 before the next one rolls around — I don’t think even biblical people lived that long, but I’m sure there will be others out there to announce the changes…if we can manage to keep this planet livable that long.

But, then, who’s to say we won’t be able to to this up in heaven??

I look forward to that day when I finally arrive there, but that doesn’t mean I am not enjoying my earthly life here.  There’s way too much yet to be done before that day.  I have more growing to do (even at 62), more to give others, much, much more to learn before I leave.  But I do not — nor does anyone —  know what day will be the last, so I’m trying to make each one the best that I can.

This upcoming Mayan doomsday thing does not bother me one bit.  Like I said — no one knows when the end will happen.  Could be before I finish this post, could be a thousand years from now.  There’s only one that knows, so do not fall prey to all the naysayers.

Live your life the best you can, helping others — this season is a wonderful place to start if you haven’t already.   Share what treasures you have.  Give of your time, your money — even what you might consider too small an amount is more than what some have — and, your talents.  Talents you may not even know you have.  Explore.  Find out what God has given to you so that you might share it with others.

My friends, I hope you have many years of life to live doing just that.  Helping others.  Loving others.  Sharing.

Have a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year.  What treasures does 2013 hold for you?

I Am Blessed

IN THE LIFE I HAVE chosen to live, one day can, and often does, blur endlessly into another.  The days are peppered with errands and chores that could happen just about any day, without any set routine, making it hard to define a specific day — none of the “I’m doing laundry, so it must be Tuesday…”  Nope, not in this house.

I must have my coffee first thing every day.  Animals must be fed daily.  But, aside from that, there is no set day for laundry or chores that shout to be done.  My Artistic Siren may beckon for a trip out into the woods for a photo shoot or a day at the printing press or even for me to hunker down in front of the computer typing madly putting my thoughts on ‘paper’.  I am able to pick and choose what to do (usually) when I wish.  Things that really should be done may pile up, but I’m okay with that.  I’ve come to enjoy this randomness.

That is, every day but Sunday.   I thoroughly enjoy the beautiful routine that make my Sunday. It does start the same as every day: caring for the animals, my cherished cups of coffee (and breakfast), but after that, I am able to get a little dressed up.  I’m a country girl and a little bit of a tomboy, too, so I find an occasional dress-up day is fun.

I get to spend one-on-one time with my Father and my church family.  To sing beautiful worship songs.  Listen to godly words of wisdom that seem to be just for me, to learn to weave into my daily life.   It is a time of reflection, celebration, communion and praise. A time I look forward to, and need.  Every.  Single.  Week.  I cherish my Sundays.

This is not to say that Sunday is the only day that God is in my life. I know this may be the case for some people.  Not me.  Far from it.  It’s just the day that I set aside to celebrate Him fully.

Every day of the week, I am continually awestruck at the beauty that surrounds me.  All that He has made for me–the natural beauty of a sunset, sunrise, how the clouds hang in the sky, how the wind sounds as it dances through the branches of trees, or the graciousness I see in people around me.  The miracles of science made possible with mans existence — and our existence made possible by Him.   I am thankful to be healthy enough to work in my yard and home, for all of my friends and extended family…oh, thankful for so many things.

This life God has blessed me with is one great adventure, every single day, especially when I open my eyes and see it.  Really see it.  There may be pain in my life, taking various forms (mental, physical) in different degrees, but just like everyone else I breathe, I walk, talk, crawl, sing, laugh, shout out in anger or joy…weaving in and out of and negotiating with this thing we call Life.

I am thankful, joyful, humbled.  I Am. Blessed.  It’s that simple.

Sometimes I do think, “Oh, if only I had more money. I could do this or that…” I am quietly reminded to be satisfied with who I am and what I have. I am reminded that I can accomplish so much with what is at hand.

I have a smile and I use it abundantly.  I have time–well, that I’m not so proficient at managing. I have talents–some found and constantly explored, some yet to discover. I have compassion.  Desire, and more.  I know I am commanded to use all of these things. Create. Live. Love. Share. Help others find joy.

What I need to remind myself–and wish to share with you, is that is important to share your wealth —  your blessings, whatever form they may take, with others.  Appreciate the little things in life.  Sometimes that is all there is for the time.  God has blessed each and every one of us, in one way or anther, so that we may in turn bless others.

I’m just saying.  I’m blessed.  How about you?