Time And . . .

RELATIVE DIMENSION IN SPACE. Ummm … my weeks seem to be running together. Day after day, week after week simply skitter by with no hope of reigning in their vanishing. It’s all very strange. It makes planning my activities difficult. After all, how do you schedule things when the allotted time sucks into nothingness?

Plans are concepts. So is time. Oh, wow. I think I just opened a can of worms with that–I took a moment to google “is time a concept” and came up with this article, written in 2012.  “Time does not exist …” A bit radical, but it’s exactly how I’m feeling about time right now.

Now, I can hear a certain very knowledgable individual spouting off all kinds of rubbish (well, to this brain, at least—insert eye roll). You know … it’s a “timey-wimey” thing. Honest. I think there is something to this and perhaps the Doctor would agree …

I could certainly use his assistance to assure that my blogs are done on time these days. Too many doctors appointments or physical therapy, book signings, meetings of one sort or another … sometimes I wonder if time is standing still and all of these appointments and meetings are just backing up like the over-packed freeways on a holiday weekend, leaving absolutely no room for anything else. Or, as I said before … vanishing before my eyes! My sieve-of-a-memory certainly isn’t helping (eye-roll here) …

Oh! But now he’s not going to be a “he”—or at least won’t be fairly soon! I am looking forward to the Doctor’s new regeneration in the annual special at Christmastime. Our illustrious Doctor will be changing gender—to a beautiful and quite intelligent woman! When Missy and the Doctor next meet, it’s going to be very interesting! Yes, indeed! And, since I’m not doing it justice, here’s a blog piece that did! (Well done and thank you, Mark, for letting me use your blog post!)

Doctor number four (Tom Baker, with his wonderful, deep speaking voice and crazy curly locks … and that scarf—yes, I love that scarf!) will always be my First and Favourite Doctor, but I will be cheering for the new one—for a change. The series has been around since the 60’s—don’t you think it’s high time for a new change?

I wonder if the new Doctor would be interested in helping me juggle my time issues …

Aah, well. Probably not. Probably for the best, really. I’ll need to sort it all out on my own—well, at least it appears I’ve managed a decent blog for this week … well, perhaps.

Would you like a jelly baby?

Next Saturday (the 29th of July) will find me in LaSelva Beach at a summer festival with my books! Until then, have a blessed weekend and upcoming week, my friends.


Time Stops For No One …

WATCHING MY DOG AS SHE ages can be hard sometimes. In people-years, she’s surpassed 86. The vet says Kaeli is relatively healthy for her age (other than elevated liver enzymes that are slowly returning to more “normal” every time she is tested). Arthritis has her panting—or is it the abnormal tests? Either way, it distresses me. I hate to see her in pain.

I sure wish she could speak to help us out in trying to help

Waiting ...

Chilling whilst mom works on her blog.

her through this time in her life … I do wonder at times if she is truly enjoying life. Am I being selfish, prolonging things? I’d rather not think about that at this time … denial, maybe?

Kaeli’s definitely not the tail-wagging sweetie I knew a few years ago. Only occasionally do I see the tail-wag I long to see and even less frequent is the trot with a spring in her step. Both

Kaeli chillin'

“… I didn’t say I was comfortable.”
Kaeli resting, 2015

happen, but not as often as I’d like to see. Her walk has slowed to a stiff gait, more often than not dragging one rear foot as she pads along. Her head hangs low, as if too heave to hold erect; tail tucked in painful submission. I hate that I live in a two-story house and she feels obliged to follow me up, tripping on steps as she plods after me whenever I need something upstairs or am heading to bed. Then, there’s the awkward “oh … I need to come back down, don’t I?” look as she stands at the head of the steps, staring down at me. Usually, I let her come at her own pace. Sometimes immediate, but more than likely it’s after a bit of courage-mustering … she’ll then treads carefully down the steps. I love multi-level homes, but this is a huge disadvantage—as much for me as her.

I think Kaeli’d rather be at my side than wander around in the yard freely all day—or perhaps, she’s simply resigned to the fact. I am working (slowly) on creating a smaller compound within my 3/4 acre yard that deer cannot get into (hopefully, as she noms on their droppings and this may be the reason for the abnormal labs) … and in an area clear of

Chillin' With Mom

Kaeli chillin’ with me at Open Ground Studios
(Sorry it’s sideways—can’t seem to remedy)

poison oak for her to roam freely. The later is so I will feel more loving—hard to get all snuggily when I know I’m apt to end up with poison oak. Hopefully she will want to wander—she really needs to build up her muscle mass. All the “shadowing”—snoozing whilst being at my side … or sleeping in the car whilst I run errands has given her very little exercise and I feel guilty for thrusting that upon her. Getting back into the yard will be good for her. She just needs to stay on level area so she doesn’t tumble down the hill.

She’s not the only one aging—but she’s certainly doing it far more gracefully than I.

Me an' My Mom

Kaeli and I at the beach, 2015

Groan. She and I have a disability in common—arthritis. She never complains—oh, you can see how it’s effecting her gait and demeanor, but not verbally. She’s quiet as a mouse. I try not to complain. I’ve gotten pretty good, but occasionally fall into my old habits and find myself grumbling now and again … and hosting a pity party once in a while. I try to remember that I have it so much better than many others. That usually humbles me right there … and pulls me back to reality—thinking about quite a few of my friends and their struggles. Their trials and tribulations are far greater than mine. I find myself realizing how blessed I am. And blessed to have an awesome group of friends and family to lean on—they keep me accountable … and shake me loose from my pity parties. A good thing for someone living alone, don’t you think?

With all the daily reminders that time time waits for no one,

Ready to Roll ...

In my Miata, waiting for me to stop taking photos.

sometimes I worry a little about being away from my furbabies for so long when I go on holiday. If only I could bring Kaeli with me (Sebastian would be fine … so independent, but he’s certainly glad to see me upon my return)—a selfish thought, really—that would be even worse for her.

I will simply continue to count my blessings. My days with my sweet little Kaeli are numbered and I chose

Sebastain and Kaeli

… we’re friends—really.

to cherish them all. I will hurry back from each trip away, ready to snuggle with her and celebrate my return with her—and Sebastian.

They are both great companions.

Have I mentioned, I am blessed? Indeed!


It’s All About Taking Time…

THERE WAS A RECENT POST ON FACEBOOK that has me thinking (oh, that can be a very dangerous thing, y’know…). Thinking very seriously about where the digital social media is taking us — and that we seem to be following it without a thought.

We spend so much time on the internet and our phones. On Facebook, texting or sending out tweets to friends and followers. We gather up Friends and Followers as if they were a prize — the more the merrier. Liking the posts and comments made by Friends. Tweeting and retweeting. Facebook has made Liking almost mandatory if you want to keep seeing your Friends’ posts. So, it’s become a habit to Like a Friends post, just so they will stay visible.

Sadly, even I have been caught up in the frenzy on Facebook. When I first signed up with this new social media, it was to monitor my middle-school aged daughter, who pleaded with me to have an account when it became the rage. Then I let it go dormant for awhile after she came “of age”, but realized I could use it as a way to keep in touch with friends and family that were not close by. A way to communicate without having to spend money on postage. A way to peek into and follow their lives, where once I was not able. I made sure to limit my Friends (under fifty at first, then one hundred) to keep it manageable — so I could spend quality time visiting their pages, interacting. Later, I decided I could possibly use it as a tool in my business. I created a business page and began opening the doors to Friends in the writing and art world, and found I was collecting Friends of Friends, too — and then, even people I didn’t know directly or indirectly. I became Friends with total strangers, which is not a bad thing — if done with caution, and some have become good friends that I have met in person.

As time has passed, I found that I spent more time clicking on Like than commenting. I gave up on my Friend limit and am horrified to find that I have at least 226 Friends. I know some of those Friends are nearing four-digit numbers for friends (shudder). How on earth can we make personal interactions with so many? Somewhere along the line, personal interactions fell to the wayside. I guess I could justify the number by realizing a fairly high percentage are “business” contacts that don’t require constant visits, just an occasional nod of the head now and then. I do keep closer tabs on some of these business Friends. I need to go in and look to see just who I have as Friends and figure out how I’m going to keep a more personal connection with everyone.

I haven’t even begun to connect with the Twittersphere…I mean, I do have an account, but I’m not spending much time there. Just an occasional tweet here and there. I have a Pinterest account, too. Again, I’m having trouble justifying the time needed to keep it going.

For awhile, I tried to not just Like a post or comment, but rather take the time to interact. To make comments. And I did find it more enjoyable. But, as time has gone by, it has become exhausting due to the number of Friends I have. I’m finding myself slipping back into old habits — simply Liking a post or comment, rather than saying anything. At first, I justified it because I didn’t have anything to say, other than I liked what was said or posted…and why clutter up their page with meaningless conversation. Then, time became an issue. There’s so much to do (in my life outside of the digital world) and it seems like I have too many Friends to keep up the personal connection. Now, I’m almost back to square one and wondering what to do next.

It’s not just Facebook. I have a smart phone that gives me way too much access to everything…emails, Facebook, texting and of course, phone calling…guess I’m an old-fashioned kinda girl and all this technology is — well, daunting is the wrong word, but I’ll use it for now…it’s not like I feel like a ‘techno dinosaur’ with the technology. I know how to use it. How much do I want and or need to use it? Just how ‘in touch’ with the world do I want/need to be at a moments notice? Wouldn’t once or twice a day suffice?

Are you getting frustrated with the constant, easy-access of all the social media too? Let me hear from you. Tell me what you think.

So, for now I’m going to just let things settle for a bit, think about what’s happening and ponder over some choices. I need to stay ‘in touch’ because of the line of work I’m in, but to what degree? That’s what I’m going to need to decide.

Maybe I’ll just go back to the real world and do face-to-face connections. The old-fashioned way…

How do you handle all of this technology?



Time Flies…

THERE’S AN OLD SAYING, “TIME flies when you’re having fun.” Well, it also flies when you get older. It seems I’m finding that I must plan more time to accomplish the same tasks I’ve done in the past in a shorter time…

My trip to the UK and Ireland is a perfect example. I started two months ago, gathering together and organizing the things I wanted to take along, planning my route, scheduling hotels, etc. Either my life has become far more complicated than in the past (not!) or there’s been a change in the time continuum…

I cannot seem to be as efficient as I have been in the past. Perhaps it’s too many things going on in my life that clutter up and stall my progress. Perhaps it’s just that I’m slowing down (to smell the roses, right?) or finding myself more easily distracted–or is it that I’m just getting old? Whatever it is, it is seriously hampering me in getting things done in a timely fashion.

What does one do when that happens? I resort to lists. It helps keep my focus where it needs to be. I’ve always been a ‘list’ person–well, at least since my mid 20’s (oh, my…that was quite some time ago). Lists help me stay organized, even if I stray from them now and then. Well, most of the time (insert shake of head in the negative…)

Hmmm…perfect timing. I just saw a post of Facebook that hit me square between the eyes. “We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.” (Calvin & Hobbes) Am I keeping my eye too far ahead of myself to enjoy that which is right in front of my nose? I hope not. Perhaps that’s why things are taking me longer. I’m taking the time to just sit in the moment, enjoying what’s around me, ignoring my lists. So, maybe I just need to chill more and stay in the moment. Things will get done–eventually. The trip will happen and life will go on.

Remember to stop and smell the roses right where you are. God put them for you to enjoy. Now.