Welcome, everyone!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately (which can be dangerous)—and trying to calm myself down about the Facebook algorithms that have separated me from my friends in various ways. A “social media” site—right. I’ve become so disenchanted with FB that I’ve decided to take a break from making any kind of posts (other than my black and white challenge photos—only a couple more days of that—and my two business pages … those two pages will be my primary focus).

With the decision made to back off of FB, it has been a very cathartic experience. Recently, I started to realise much of my “chatter” on FB has been more for me than any of my friends (due to all of the changes/”improvements” the site has made). So, another decision has been made—none of which is written in stone, but really … (only time will tell if I stick with it). That decision is to write a personal blog—a journal, really—and get my thoughts onto “paper” rather than blab them to my friends. This is where I will add photos and videos—not on Facebook. I think I’ll slowly begin the process of removing photos/videos from the site as well. I will probably still visit FB, but not near as much, since I will have another avenue for my thoughts.

Well, this was only to be a welcome page—it’s turned into a bit of a ramble … sorry. But, now you know what’s going on. Most of my entries will be public—but not all. I may make them public for a short time, then lock them down (turn them into Private posts). And, please know: this blog is still a work in progress (adding links—some may not work quite yet, tweaking different bits) that may go on into the new year. Patience, please.

I’ll post an occasional link to this blog onto Facebook, but if you want to follow my thoughts, you should probably subscribe so you’ll see all of them.

Please be aware (I will remind you in appropriate entries) that any posts with photos or videos should not be shared or copied in any manner without my express permission (request and my authorisation in writing). The images and videos are created by me and are my property. I share them here with you for your enjoyment.